Google+ and What it Means for Your Business

Check out this interview about Google+.  This comes from one of my favorite websites –

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I interviewed Jesse Stay, author of the brand-new book Google+ for Dummies, Portable Edition. Jesse has also written three more books about Facebook, including Facebook Application Development for Dummies.

In this interview we talked about Google+, why it’s different and what it means to businesses. We’re also going to talk about the mobile side of Google+, where Google might be headed and much more.

Mike: Jesse, let’s start with why Google+? What makes it unique? Why should people consider it when they’ve already got Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts and LinkedIn and beyond?

Jesse: A lot of people are probably wondering, “My friends and family are all on Facebook, so why should I be joining Google+?”

The answer is really Google itself. There’s a good chance that you use at least one Google product, at least their search, if not Gmail or Google Reader. I use, Android and Google Maps. There is a whole slew of Google products that you’ve probably touched in some way or another.

Google+ is intended to be the amalgamation of all of those products into one product that ties people together across all of Google.

To read the rest of this article go to Social Media Examiner’s website by clicking on the link:


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