Business Blitz: Ten Tips on How to Get the Entrepreneur X-Factor

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First up this morning: The 3-Step Cure for No-Sales Syndrome. There are times in every sales person’s career that they hit a “slump.” Times when no sales come in no matter what they try. This article proposes a three step cure to help bring you out of that no sales slump including: Step 1: Get analytical, Step 2: Get empirical and Step 3: Create a bullet and fire it off.

Host An Idea PartyNext up this morning: Ten Tips on How to Get the Entrepreneur X-Factor. When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur many people believe that it all comes down to having that “x-factor” but what exactly is the “x-factor” and how do you get it? Well the “x-factor” is going to vary from industry to industry but this article covers ten tips to help you find and adopt that certain something!

Also in news this morning: Stuck Coming Up With a Big Idea? Host an Idea Party! This article intrigued me because I am always looking for new ideas in a variety of aspects of my small business endeavors, from marketing to the next big product my company can produce. As a small business owner the less money I need to put in to coming up with these ideas the better which is why I think that idea parties sound like a pretty great idea! Why not invite friends over and see what new concepts you can come up with for the future of your business?

Lastly this morning: Is the Traditional Office the Least Productive Place to Work? I have never particularly believed that the traditional way of doing things is always the right way of doing things and that is exactly what drew me to this article in the first place. This article asks whether the traditional office setting is the best or least productive place to work and the general consensus seems to be that working in a co-working facility seems to be the most productive working option and working in a traditional facility is the least productive option. Where does working at home stand? Right in the middle of things!

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is definitely the article on throwing an idea party, I am always in for trying new ways to come up with unique concepts, especially when these ways reduce the amount of cash I have to pay to professional advertising companies.


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