Want Great Customers? Ask for Complaints

**Great article we found on Inc.com.**

If you’re looking to improve your own team’s skills, you need to ask your clients for ways you can improve.


I was on a flight this week into Atlanta and, from a bulkhead seat, overheard a most unusual announcement.

The pilot addressed the first-class cabin with the following message:

I want to welcome you to this flight to Atlanta. We know because you are in first class that you are more than likely a regular customer and a frequent flier, and we are grateful for your business.

We also know that although you make up only 5% of our total flying customers, you comprise 85% of our complaints. We believe that is in part because you appreciate the value of our relationship and want to help us be better.

So, although your safety is our primary concern, your comfort is very important to us. I would ask that you help us to be better by telling any of our flight attendants before, during or after this flight if there is anything we can do to make your trip better. Also, after we have landed, if there is anything that I can do, please let me know, I’ll be here at the front to thank you as you exit.

Of course, if there is still a concern that has been unaddressed or a comment you would like to make, please fill out our customer feedback form in the seat pocket or go on-line. Welcome aboard and please enjoy your flight.

I travel a lot and sometimes even get bumped up to first class, but I have never heard a speech like this before. Candidly, it was surprising to me–and from my angle, it seemed that members of that cabin were a little surprised too.

It felt unforced, friendly, and sincere. My responses were:

  • “I think that this is going to be a good flight and we’ll be taken care of.”
  • “This captain and his team want my business and want me happy.”
  • “If there is an issue, I’ll let them know on this flight, rather than send an angry email or fill out a comment card. That will probably take care of things.”

**To read the rest of the article from the original source, click here.**


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