Psych! 5 Brain Tricks to Make Customers Buy

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Want to increase your revenue? It’s time to get smarter about how your customers’ minds really work, suggests a new book.

Roger Dooley wants your business to succeed. So he’s laying down the facts and dissecting recent brain and behavior research to enable you to tap into consumers’ brains.

Fact No. 1: People aren’t always rational thinkers. In truth, research shows that a huge amount of decision-making is actually based on subconscious factors.

In both his new book, Brainfluence, and in a recent interview, Dooley offered several ways to use “neuromarketing” to do a better job persuading consumers.

1. Clean Up Your Font

Are you using a stylish, elegant font on your signage? It’s time to dump it.

A study shows that more ornate fonts make people assume a task to be more time-consuming than when the same task is explained in a clearer font. This could make your products or services seem slow or even tedious–and no one wants a purchase that’ll take forever to assemble or start using.

“Probably nine times out of 10 the simpler font is going to be the better choice,” Dooley says, “because the text will be more likely to be read, for one, and you’ll better convey information.”

Bottom line: Go easy on consumers’ eyes; use a clear, easy-to-read font such as Arial, for product and service descriptions as well as any instructions.

2. Don’t Show Them the Money

A restaurant currency study showed that patrons tended to be more price-conscious when dollar signs appeared alongside the prices on menus. If there was just a solo digit, by contrast—no dollar symbol, no decimal point—then spending went up.

“When people see a currency symbol like a dollar sign or a euro symbol, that … activates a part of the brain that can sometimes help the marketer, but often not,” Dooley says.

Bottom line: If you’re a restaurateur, take dollar signs off the menu to increase your sales.

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