First Person: 5 Reasons Why a College Education Is Still a Good Idea

**Great article from Yahoo! Finance.**

According to recent figures, the youth unemployment rate at, about twenty five percent, is still about three times higher than the national average. Young Americans, regardless of their educational levels, also suffer from underemployment and mal employment- which is described as college graduates employed in a field far different from their intended majors.

Some have been taking a pessimistic view of the economy and their place in American society. This is not hard to imagine as millennial generation has been told since they were very young that the road to the American dream is paved with a college degree.

As a high school teacher I have heard many variations of this loathing from a number of students who are absorbing a very dangerous message- things will not improve for them and they will be the first generation in American history to regress. Recent news announcing that student debt held by Americans has recently passed one trillion dollars and a weekly announcement of American jobs being relocated to other countries only helps to fuel these beliefs.

College degree is an automatic ticket to a high paying job

A walk around my city of Philadelphia bears a telling series of visuals: Countless rusted-out factories that once provided jobs for blue collar workers and have long been abandoned. Along the streets, in a diverse amount of neighborhoods, thousands of young adults meander about without a job or employed in a job that does not allow them to provide. The college campus’ churn out thousands more graduates who earned degrees in fields that are not hiring.

The lesson: find out what you are good at and where your passion lies and adjust that to fields that are hiring such as those dealing with science and engineering.

**To read the rest of the article from the original source, click here.**


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