Productivity Trick: Pick Your Best 2 Hours

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If you aren’t getting enough done in your day–and who is?–try this time management technique.

Not all hours are created equal. Some hours produce more net value–for you, your customers and your firm–than others. As my old partner liked to say, “Some of my hours are priceless and some of them are worthless.”

In looking at the most effective executives, leaders and business owners I know, I notice many of them are very careful with their time. This includes the appointments they set or take, the meetings they have, organizations to which they belong and the activities they fill their day with.

Look at your appointment calendar from last week. In every day there were probably only two hours of high productivity. Use the following steps to make the most of them.

1. Figure Out Your Time

Rank your activities over the course of the week into three categories: High Value, Low Value and No Value. The value standard is what produces value to the customer. Most of us do not think about our jobs as what we get done, but rather what we do. But highly productive people think in outcomes first and activities second.

2. Decide What Is Valuable

I was recently working with someone whose time literally fell into thirds when measured against those categories. Getting to a place where you spend 100% of your time in the High Value category is probably unrealistic. But what if you could move one hour per day out of No Value into Low Value, and one hour from Low to High Value? You would be trading up the value curve in a very big way over the course of a year.

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