Recent Google Changes Digital Agencies Should Know*

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As Google continues to reign supreme in the world of search engines, it is in the best interests of any company to keep up to date with what Google has to offer and how it works. The algorithms used are constantly being improved and updated, and whilst this is aimed at ease of use for the consumer, any savvy business will keep track and use the search engine properties to best promote themselves.

‘Freshness Update’

The most talked about change that has been made recently has been dubbed ‘the freshness factor’. Google have altered the way search results are prioritised, giving greater visibility to sites that have been updated recently. This means that digital agencies should now be encouraging their clients to regularly add new content to their sites, as this will improve the chances of ranking highly in a search. Although this change has caused a certain amount of controversy amongst web users so far, with many believing that just because something is new doesn’t mean it is more relevant, for the time being it is how it works. It is therefore beneficial to every company to add new content to their websites as often as possible, to increase their chances of heading up a search page.

Content Visibility

Google have also decided to pull more snippets from page content as opposed to from titles or header text. This means companies really need to think hard about every piece of text they display on their websites. Although this will not affect the visibility of the search in the way that titles do, it does mean that people could be reading any small part of any piece of content before they even click to open the website. Therefore more care must be taken by some to ensure that their content isn’t centralised around a catchy header, but is consistently informative and entertaining.

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