How to Sell if You Hate Selling

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Your success in business depends upon your ability to sell. It’s time to get over your bad attitude.

Hate Sales Salesman in a Giant Orange

“I hate selling.”

I’ve heard that statement a thousand times–often from entrepreneurs whose success depends upon their ability to sell their ideas, their firm and their products.

And that’s a shame, because if you hate selling, you’ll never be good at it, and that means at least lost revenue–and in the worst case, company failure.

In my experience, it’s the entrepreneurs who really love selling who are the most successful. Steve Jobs, for instance, was incredibly good at pitching his products. Watch any video of Jobs at an announcement, and you can absolutely feel his sense of joy–not just in the product, but in telling a story about the product.  Jobs loved selling; there’s no question about it.

Time for an Attitude Adjustment

When I interview the CEOs of start-ups, I can usually predict whether or not the company is going anywhere by the way the CEO talks about selling. If they think it’s the soul of success, they’re going to do well.  If they think it’s a chore, not so much.

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