Best Way to Learn to Be an Entrepreneur?

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Should you work for a big company first, or stay as far away from them as possible? Read the debate and weigh in.

As an columnist it’s my job to take a position. (Columnists who don’t have opinions also don’t have readers.) The result, though, is a one-sided conversation where the natural exchange of ideas between people gets lost.

Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong.

Mostly I’m a combination of the two, because in business for every rule there’s an entrepreneur who proves the exception to that rule. My way is not your way, and neither is the right way… until we prove it works for us, as individuals.

So I’m trying something new:  I’ll pick a topic, pick someone smart–as you’ll soon see, in this case smarter than me–and we’ll trade emails.

The first is the email exchange between me and Dave Lavinsky. Dave is the founder ofGrowthink, a business-planning firm and investment bank that has helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

The premise: I think the average would-be entrepreneur should spend a few years working for a big company.

Dave disagrees.

Jeff: Maybe it’s only because my first post-college job was with a Fortune 500 company, so that’s all I know, but starting and running a business would have been way harder without the skill and experience I gained working in a corporate environment.

Would I want to work there today? Oh hell no.

But am I glad I once worked there? Absolutely.

Dave: Sure, you can learn some things from big companies–mainly how to run a big company. You’ll learn the type of corporate structures that are needed and the key departments, etc. But most of that doesn’t help you when you first start a company. For that, you need to think very differently. You need to think and act like an entrepreneur, which is the art and science of accomplishing more with less (less money, less human resources, less time, etc.)

**To read the rest of the article from the original source, click here.**


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